About Us

Planet Media is a new kind of non-profit Venture on Creativity . The idea of this Venture came from the innovative head of Bangladesh's reputed Writer, Journalist and Film Maker Shair Khan, it's Founder . He solely started working on it . It's a slowly expanding Creative Organization which gradually is associating different interested members from all around the Globe . Already country's reputed Business Person(s) willingly showed their interest to join Planet Media Venture as Associates .

From his long experience , Shair Khan observed the challenges of doing unconventional creative works in Media and found Media gradually becoming Quantitative than Qualitative . As a Socially Aware and Committed person , he also felt that Media had a lot to do for the betterment of the Humankind, uplifting the moral values by unveiling the Hidden Talents exist in the Society . So, he introduced his new media venture - Planet Media with the slogan - Media of the people , by the people , for the people .

Planet Media's main field of action is Media and Culture . It's objective is to reach Media and Culture to the mass people in different innovative ways both Locally and Globally .

Planet Media also operates its action(s) to grow Social Awareness and Morale Values within the Society through innovative kind of Media and Cultural activities .

Planet Media creates Enthusiasm and Urge for creative works within the mass people through it's own unique strategic activities . It gives extra emphasis on developing strong and valuable bonding within the Families and the Society .

Planet Media is a non political organization .

Shair Khan
Founder Chairperson